Why People Love Hoodies & Sweatshirt?

Why People Love Hoodies & Sweatshirt?

Both men and women enjoy wearing hoodies. Some feel great with the relaxing oversized hoodies. Hanging a few hoodies in our wardrobe has a great impact on our dressing and mood. Hoodies & sweatshirt are ultra-comfortable and cosy. 
Skelly serve up a selection of sweatshirts, hoodies in a variety of plain and different cutting.

This Red Cherry hoodie is a medium weight, regular fit, with straight pocket and side ribbing!

This rugged crisp heavy hoodie is our latest premium release! Essential for your everyday style.
400 gr Cotton French Terry. Classic comfortable fit, quality ribbing.

For unpredictable weather, always bring a sweater with you.
If you need a new one, try this new oversized block sweatshirt...

Made from Medium Weight Terry Cotton.
Cut & sewn, available in 2 colours, 

Contrasting Navy & Red, and Monochrome Grey.

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